Surplus Equipment

The following used rental equipment is no longer in use by the DPC leasing fleet and is available for sale. Please call for more information or to make an offer for any of the below equipment.


Model B-JT: 5 to 15 MMSCFD


In addition DPC is selling excess JT and refrigeration inventory. Call for sizing and prices.



VRTVapor Recovery Tower (VRT)

Never used 24″ OD x 35″ vapor recovery tower to reduce storage tank flash emissions. MAWP 14 PSIG, MDMT -20°F.

$39,000 Call for more information.

VRULot 4 Used VRU (Vapor Recovery Unit) Packages 

2 Stage Ariel JG with Marathon 60 HP motors.

Lot for $80,000. Call for more information.

36" Sep
3 Never used 36″ x 10′ 3-Phase Separator

Never used Valerus 2015 constructed 3 phase separators. MAWP 1440 PSIG MDMT -20°F.

$21,000 ea Call for more information.

30 in Sep

6 Never used 30″ x 10′ 3-Phase Separators

Never used Valerus 3 phase separators. MAWP 1440 PSIG MDMT -20°F.

$15,000 ea Call for more information.

Surge Tank

Surge Tanks/Large Separators

Skidded Insulated Low Pressure Surge Tanks

3,800 gallon (255 MAOP)
4,500 gallon (255 MAOP)
8,000 gallon (252 MAOP)
12,000 gallon (309 MAOP)

$60,000 ea Call for more information.


5 Paired KWI Glycol Regenerators and JATCO BETEX Units

250,000 BTU KWI Glycol Regenerators (2 Winterized)
Paired JATCO Sheltered BTEX Eliminators

Call for more information.

Salt Skid

1 Salt Bed Gas Drying Skid

Two Vertical Vessels, Manufactured in 2012, MAWP 1440 PSIG

Call for more information and to make an offer.