Leasing Considerations

DPC leases equipment under the following options:

  • JT units are leased for 12, 24 or 48 month terms.
  • Refrigeration units are leased for 24 and 48 month terms.
  • The forty-eight month term lease will give the Lessee the advantage of lower lease fees and it qualifies to be a “capital lease”. By capitalizing the lease, the lease expenses can be removed from any “lifting cost” calculations.
  • Lease rates for terms longer than 48 months are quoted upon request.
  • Shorter terms can be negotiated for interim or “emergency” projects.
  • DPC in specific cases will offer a purchase option when requested on leases of 24 months or greater.

Leases continue on a month-to-month basis at the end of the primary term. Cancellation during the initial or “evergreen” period requires a thirty-day notice. Lessee has the option at any time during a lease to change the equipment for other size units in inventory. Lessee is responsible for any change-out expenses. Monthly rental rates will be adjusted accordingly. In a situation when the gas production becomes uneconomical to produce, the lessee may return the equipment and cancel the remainder of the lease. Lessee pays the same rate for the equipment for as long as it is in his possession and will not be subject to price increases on a periodic basis. Units may be moved to any of Lessee’s locations with notice to DPC. Re-startup assistance is provided at no additional cost.