Rental Gas Processing Solutions

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What gas processing equipment do I need?

There are many options for processing midstream gas. There is no one option that is best for all circumstances - which is why we tailor each solution to our clients’ unique needs.

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What is HCDP?

Dew point is defined as the temperature at which vapor begins to condense - think of dew accumulating on grass on a summer morning. Hydrocarbon dew point, or HCDP, is similar, but has more components.

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Equipment Lines

Joule-Thomson (JT) Units

DPC maintains an inventory of four different sizes of JT units which can handle inlet gas flow rates from 1 MMSCFD to 50 MMSCFD.

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Refrigeration Plants (MRU)

DPC uses a plug and play method to customize the right refrigeration package for your specific application. Packages range from 5 MMSCFD to 50 MMSCFD.

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NGL Stabilization

DPC has three different sizes of NGL stabilizers which cover the range from 100 BPD to 5000 BPD. All stabilizers have electric reboilers which minimize emissions and permitting.

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