Refrigeration Units

DPC leases an all-electric refrigeration unit that was designed to meet the needs of the upstream production and midstream segments of the industry. These units have become very popular due to their ease of operation and installation, high turndown, and low operating costs. They have an operating range from 60° to –15 °F.

The refrigeration process skid consists of a gas-to-gas heat exchanger, a gas-to-chilled water heat exchanger, a two-phase separator, and an electrically pumped methanol distribution and injection system. The process skid is simple and very straightforward. Pumpers and gaugers find the unit very user-friendly, detracting little time from their routine production duties.

150 ton Chilled Water Unit
150 ton Chilled Water Unit

DPC refrigerates the gas by circulating a chilled water and ethylene glycol mixture. The chiller unit controls process temperature by precisely controlling the circulating water temperature. Each DPC chilled water unit operates with multiple compressors and a minimum of two isolated refrigeration circuits. A PLC controls the starting and loading of the multiple compressors and condenser fans. Each compressor loads in either 1/3 increments or by sliding vane or by variable frequency drive. The system includes a hot gas bypass, variable speed condenser fans and louvers for winter operation in cold climates. At extreme low load conditions, the entire chilled water unit will shut down and then self-start as needed. The unit has built-in phase and power outage protection and is set to self-start five minutes after continuous restoration of power after a clean power outage. All motor starters are included on the chilled water unit. The unit requires a single electric feeder drop with adequate overcurrent protection.

B2-R with 50 ton Chiller (25 MMSCFD)
B2-R with 50 ton Chiller (25 MMSCFD)

DPC leases four standard sizes of refrigeration units:

  1. A2-R: 1 to 6 MMSCFD
  2. B2-R: 5 to 25 MMSCFD
  3. CB-R: 15 to 50 MMSCFD
  4. C2-R: 15 to 70 MMSCFD

Chilled water units are matched to the requirements of the refrigeration application. They all require 460 volt, three-phase, 60 hertz power. The following are standard DPC sizes and require the associated electrical service size and maximum overcurrent protection (actual power requirements are some 15% lower than the figures shown below).

30 ton75 amps(100 KW generator)
50 ton100 amps(150 KW generator)
100 ton250 amps(250 KW generator)
150 ton350 amps(350 KW generator)
250 ton700 amps(600 KW generator)
330 ton700 amps(700 KW generator)

C3-R Refrigeration Process Skid
C3-R Refrigeration Process Skid

The refrigeration process skids in the picture above have three heat exchangers. This unit was designed to handle hot gas downstream of a compressor discharge. The multiple heat exchanges reduce the chilled water unit size and lowers the overall expense of conditioning the gas stream. DPC supplies large hydrocarbon conditioning stations by operating multiple units in parallel. The pictures below show the installation of a 200 MMSCFD refrigeration unit at a pipeline station.